BAM conversion error in 10.1.500

We have some E9 BAMs that send an email whenever HDCase is updated and the topic fields match a certain string. During the migration to E10, these get converted to Data Directive BPMs, but the string literals in the BPM conditions are created without quotes, which causes a validation error. In 10.1.400, I was able to add quotes to these conditions, but we recently began testing the migration with 10.1.500, and now I can only change the first directive in the group. When I select the second directive, the BPM designer attempts to compile every directive in the group, fails validation, and the directive I just changed remains selected. I can’t select any of the remaining invalid directives to fix them, and the one I just fixed is not saved. The same thing happens if I try to delete the invalid directives so I can create them from scratch.

Is there a way to delete a whole BPM group at once? Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a way around it?

did you try to uncheck the enabled and the compatible boxes on the other directives in the group? It shouldn’t attempt to compile those directives then. Deal with them one at a time.

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The same thing happens. I can only uncheck these boxes one at a time, and it attempts to compile all the directives in the group after I uncheck compatible or enabled on one of the directives.

fun times… try disabling the entire group in one shot with this…

I tried that as well:

just whittling our way thru options… go to the web.config file in your app server under inetpub, try modifying disabled to true, recycle your app server, see if that works. If it doesn’t there may be a direct SQL option but it’s better not to have to go there.

That worked! Thank you.