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As someone new to Epicor BAQ, could you tell me the most effective way to query a view, or the way to find the table in the attached screenshot so I can select from it?

Not sure how to pull data from this field.


Hi Pete,

I think your best bet would be to use Data Dictionary Viewer to look at the GLJrnDtl table. This will give you some information on the fields available. Then you can pull the table into the BAQ and select the fields you would like. I am unsure if GLJrnDtlView is a field that can be pulled in as it may be a calculated field pulling from a different source that you may not be able to access directly in a BAQ.


Thanks for replying Jakob

I did try Data Dictionary viewer, but the table isn’t showing up there: GLJrnDtlView

I’m wondering if there is an alternative way to access it via BAQ?


That is because what you are looking at is not a table. If the field is in a table, you will see it listed in the DB Field. The field you are looking at is probably in a temporary table for viewing only.

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Beth’s right 99.9% of the time, it’s a temp table, but once in a great while, the data might be stored in Patch table, between releases. Usually the inteface makes it look like there’s a tablename.fieldname link, but when you go to query the table the UI referenced field is just not there. That’s where PatchFld might come into play:

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This is what I feared - but thank you!

This is helpful information - thanks

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Thanks, Nancy! I forgot about that :wink:

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