BAQ - Filter Job by Part and Op


Good afternoon,
I have a BAQ that attempts to show the estimated quantity of parts to be produced for a particular part/op. The BAQ requires input from the user for number of hours to work today. Hardcoded in are a sample part number and a sample op sequence number.

My goal is to be able to run this BAQ for a list of part/ops. However, when I filter the BAQ as it is, I have to enter the part criteria on one table, and the op criteria on another table. If I have a list of 20 parts/ops how can I run a BAQ for just those part/ops? Lots of manual and/or criteria? What if the user wants to update the list of part/ops every day?

I can filter a BAQ for a single part and op, but more than one seems tricky.
What do you think?
EHDailyWorksheet.baq (50.0 KB)


If you have a key in both queries that you can use to connect them, set the two queries as CTE and combine them in a Top Level.

Picking an OP number probably isn’t the best way to do it. If you filtered by what the operation is, that would make more sense probably. I’m assuming they want a list of 20 parts, and how long the “Assembly” operation takes for those parts. The OP seq number is irrelevant, and often times won’t match up accross BOM’s anyways.

Basically what I am say is, “How are you asking the question”? I don’t think OP number is what the user is actually starting with. Figure out how they cross reference to be able to know what the OP number is, and do that for them.