BAQ Parameter and BAQ Reports

I have a BAQ that has mandatory parameters. How can I setup Options fields in a BAQ Report to flow to those parameters?

Or do I have to remove the Parameters from the BAQ, an strictly rely on the Options fields?

Also, is there a way to have the defaults for the options feild be dynamic? In particular, setting an option field for FiscalYear and FiscalPeriod to the current year and month (actual calendar, not fiscal calendar)?

I figured it out (but I’m open for comments or suggestions on a better way to do it).

I set the “Skip condition if empty”, and cleared the “Mandatory” checkboxes in the Query Parameter definition.

This allows me to have the parameters in the BAQ - to use for testing, And not generate an error when using the BAQ in a report.

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did you ever determine how to set the default value to a fiscal period to calendar period?
if so - i would be interested to know. Thanks!

I did not - and didn’t continue to explore it.

Maybe an inner sub-query of the FiscalPer table, that returns one record where the current date is in between the to find the FiscalPer.StartDate and FiscalPer.EndDate. Then link that sub-query to your main query, wherever FP and FY are.

I’ve seen code on this site, to require BAQR option values before printing
i was thinking of trying a similar approach, but to populate the OPTION value outright, if null
What’s Your Opinion? is that reasonable?

ps: i am not looking to change the underlying BAQ