BAQ: Parsing the Sales Rep List from Sales Order Header Table

Running Vantage 8 and trying to extract the Sales Rep List into however many sales reps are there into individual reps there may be on the sales order (up to a max of 5).

Has anyone ever done this as a calculation in a BAQ before?

A little help please; I’m stumped.

Thank you,
Jeff Henslee
M-B Companies Inc.

You mean to say that, Display all reps of all orders where 1 order may have 1 or more reps ? right ?

Yes it is possible.

Jeffrey C Henslee
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Try something like Entry(1,OrderHed.SalesRepList,’~’). That should give you the first sales rep. Create a calculated field for each entry. You’ll have to extract the whole sales rep list then do the join in crystal.

Thanks – I’ll give it a shot.

Much appreciated.

I tried your function but could not get it to parse correctly all the sales rep from the list.

Did you ever get this to work in a BAQ to parse the rep list?

We use the command to parse the OrderHed.SalesRepList


And if you want to see the names of the reps the table join should be like this.

‘~’ + Orderhed.SalesRepList + ‘~’ Like ‘~’ + SalesRep.SalesRepCode + ‘~’