BAQ Product group and Gl Control

I can not figure out how to pull in the product groups with their GL Controls. The EntityGL doesn’t match with the Product Group. Whats the best way to do this?

Try this BAQ that was built buy our Epicor Finance Consultant during our implementation. This shows all GL Controls. You could add a filter GL Control Type = Product Group if you just want the Product Groups.
. EPIC03-GLCONQuery.baq (21.9 KB)

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Thanks! I am looking for the Product group Name, Description, GL Control, GL Control Description. Like what you would find in the Product Group Maint.

I know this is an old one so probably no longer relevant but thought I’d put it in anyway in case someone comes across this while trying to work out where these settings are stored.
All of the Entity GL settings (ProdGrup, Part, InvcHead, etc) are stored in EntityGLC table. ProdGrup can be found with the following:

select * 
from erp.ProdGrup
left join erp.EntityGLC 
 	on Key1 = ProdCode
 	and RelatedToFile = 'PRODGRUP'

I’m sure you can work out how to convert into BAQ if required.

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