BAQ Report, Comparing BAQReportParameter against a Calculated field

I’ve created a BAQ that basically results in a table of calculated fields. I’m trying to have a parameter set up in the BAQ Report Designer Option Fields screen that let’s the user enter a quarter (1,2,3, or 4). I then want the report to filter the results based on that. Basically, I can’t use a calculated field as an option field in Report Designer so I’m trying to work around it by using the SSRS BAQreportParameters such as ReportParam_Number01. Would I need to just add a WHERE clause in the Dataset properties to filter my QuarterCalc = ReportParam_Number01? Is this even a good approach?

I’m going to conduct some trial and error testing but figured I’d post for help while I’m at it.

For anyone with a similar issue, you can enter the name of your calculated column in the Option Field cell and hit tab, it is just not part of the drop down list.