BAQ Report Designer , How can I get a Combo box in Option Field

I have developed a BAQ to gather data from The PartDtl table to in turn, create a BAQ Report to assist the Production Supervisors in prioritizing their build schedule ( cover Sales Orders then consider Forecast). First a little background on the data. We have Planners (Production Supervisors) assigned to Product Groups. There are a few exceptions on the Part level where we assign a different Planner. The BAQ (through a Calculated field) will look at the Site level (PartPlant) to see if a Planner is assigned, if not, store the ProdGrup.PersonID…if there is a Planner assigned at the Site level store the personID from the Site level(PartPlant.PersonID). Another calculated field is used to get their name.

I understand I can not use a Filter for this Calculated field( calc_PlannerID) because there is not an adapter for it ( i have scoured the posts). I can put the calc_PlannerID in the Option Fields but the user would have to know their PersonID . Or I could put their name in the Option field and the user would have to type out their full name. My goal is to offer them a Combobox with their name displayed to ease the selection process. ) Planners could wind up covering for each other or as part of a troubleshooting process, look at another Planners report to see if ‘their’ parts are on the others report.

Am I missing something ??

This report was originally a Crystal report and as we are transitioning to ‘The Cloud’, I am taking the opportunity to replace Crystal Reports with either BAQ or SSRS reports. I understand how using Comboboxes on forms work as far as using a Business Object to look up values. I dont see where this would apply to this as the BAQ Report Designer is not a customizable form ( as far as I understand).

I chose a BAQ Report because it has more of the look and feel of the other Epicor reports. All of the SSRS reports I have seen have that ugly option pane on top on a web browser. I know how to utilize cascading Comboboxes on these SSRS reports but like I said, they are 'ugly.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


You could do a UI customization on the report dialog box, add a combo box for your drop down and bind it to a CallContext field. The CallContextBpmData gets passed as part of the dataset to the report. Within SSRS, you could use that CallContext field to filter out the data.


Thank you Aaron,

Thats what I was missing !! I was trying to do all of it in 1 step. I was working on it not from the menu but from the BAQ Designer–Test form. I just added the report to the Menu structure and will work on it this afternoon( I have my other hat on right now …Production Planner, its the end of the quarter…). I will get it working and come back and marked this solved ( I may have more questions…)

Thanks again for the prompt reply. I was peeking and saw 20 some views then added ‘How can I ’ to the Title. Guessing some folks were reading it as ’ This is how you could do this’ …



I tried binding the Combo box to The CallContexBpmData and could not get that to filter the dataset. All I could access was First(Character01). I wound up using ReportParam.Character01 from the EpiBinding section of the ComboBox and was able to use that as a Parameter for the SSRS Report and it will filter the report by the correct Planner ( in this case) . Are there any unseen implications from this ??? Anybody ??

The last hurdle on this project is to be able to generate this report without a Parameter selected ( in the combobox) and have the report generate for all planners.

Thank you again Aaron for pointing me in the right direction.

So I am having an issue getting the Filters to work. I think I am following how you have it layed out, but they are not working at all.

Adding a couple images:


Whoops … I don’t think you can use aggregate functions in a table filter like shown below. Might need to edit the dataset’s query expression.

end edit

I don’t think you need to create the parameters in the RDL. Just refer to the field that’s already in your dataset. Might need to refer to the field with FIRST(...)

Like in a Tablix’s Filter property:

Not understanding what you are saying. Please explain.

Plus in the end, I will have 3 ReportParameters as filters.

I won’t bother explaining, be cause it won’t work…

But I’ll try to explain what happens when you have a value in that dropdown…

All it does is set the value of BAQReportParameter.Character04 (I’ll refer to it as BRP.Ch04 for brevity) to the value of the dropdown. This has no effect on the data actually generated. But BRP.Ch04 maybe able to be used in various parts of the report…

What do you have as your combo Box settings , this is mine to choose the planner, gives dropdown values for the Combobox Edit: The BO to pull the lost from, oops List from


Those parameters your hoping to use can’t be used in a way that is too complicated. Like what I said above is that the full results from the BAQ is generated, with those values being able to be referenced.

Like if one of them was to effect the way a sub-query runs in the BAQ, it wouldn’t work.

Have you looked at making an RDD based BAQ Report? Make an RDD with your BAQ as the data source, and you can add parameters. Then make a Report Style that references the RDD. This is the new way that Epicor is headed with BAQ reports. I don’t have a lot of experience with them.

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I’ll second Calvin’s suggestion, All the screenshots I have shares are driven off of creating a BAQ, THen a BAQ report ( executed through BAQ Report Designer) That is where you set your filters and options. The customization uses the BO.Objects to populate the comboboxes with the choices .

I hope that clears it up some…

It is a BAQ Combo Box:

Yes my goal is to have the Site, Group, and Planner Filters setup as Filters, but I specify through a BAQCombo query the options and I also have an EpiCombo query for one of them. But I want to be able to have this as a dropdown on the Report form to filter the results. Currently the filter piece does not work.

I used an EpiCombo, not a BAQCombo. Not sure of use for BAQCombo

I think this all makes sense but I am not getting it to work still.

I did get this to work. I went back and just used Option fields but need to Customize them for Dropdowns. Thanks for your help. The key was that I was originally using ReportParam.Character01, but changed that to ReportParam.Field01 and now it is working. Thanks.

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Glad you got it to work. I was going to add that sometimes if you change the BAQ, ( and I think the filters or options) you have to refresh the Datasource. A word of caution here, only refresh the datasource on a BAQ report… Never Ever EVER on a SSRS report. It will create so much havoc it will want to make you cry… :cry:. Seriously, there are bad things that can and probably will happen if you refresh the datasource on a SSRS report.