BAQ Report Designer - No Rows Being Displayed

I have been working on a BAQ SSRS Report. The BAQ runs fine. I download the SSRS report and it doesn’t show any rows.

I have done this successfully on a couple of other reports. I thought I was doing something wrong(Still a strong possibility) so I open a call with Epicor. After 4 weeks of asking for uploads and logins and asking general questions, they told me to pound salt. They wont support a custom report.

Walk in today and the reports that have been running fine for months are now not returning any rows.

We are in the public cloud. Is this possibly an upgrade issue? Anyone ever seen this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You mean the report renders but is blank, or that the System Monitor shows the “No Records Selected” error?

If you launch BAQ Report Designer, and then use Actions -> Test Report Form, does it work?


Well I have it reporting all rows now, but not sure why. Maybe you could explain it to me. If I add a table to the report then fields, all rows will display. If I add the fields without a table only 1 row will appear.

Not sure I follow you. You referring to the RDL? And by “table”, you mean “tablix”?

Can you post a screen shot of the RDL in SSRS Report Builder?

You sure your fields are in the body section and not the page header (or footer)?

Yes the RDL. Yes a Tablix. The fields were in the body when only one row was printing. I am just goin to make it work within the Tablix. Thanks

Well … what about reports that used to work and now suddenly stopped? I assume there were no changes to the BAQ or RDL for those.

Great question. Sorry I forgot to update the status… I tested them in our additional environment and they all worked. I uploaded them to Live and they started printing. I am stuck in a state of ignorant bliss. Thanks for your help. It is so comforting to have a site you can receive such export support.


A table is a great way to populate a bunch of data. If you only add a field, it is likely just showing you something like:
This will only show one record.