BAQ Report not working for some users

I have made a BAQ Report. I have linked that report in Menu Maintenance. The report works for me as well as when I go through the menu link.
One user that needs to run the report cannot. She gets this screen error:

I’ve tried adding her user to the menu item security. I’ve tried adding her to all the security folders on the SQL Server Reporting Services. She has BAQ access in Epicor.

Anyone have input an where else I need to look?
Thanks in advance,

Enable remote errors (as it suggests) so you can better see what the issue is.

The BAQ the report is based on is shared?

Yes, it is shared, but now I see that it is built on an External BAQ.
We have a SharePoint site. This BAQ references SharePoint data views.

It seems I had to alter the Server Roles in SSMS to correct this issue.
Thanks for your time @josecgomez and @ckrusen