BAQ Report Parameter


I’ve created a BAQ Report but the underlying BAQ has a Parameter on one of the tables.

I need to be able to pass the parameter over to the BAQ Report but I’m unclear on how to do so. There is one other post on here that looks like it was the same initial question as mine.

However, the solution for that one has me stumped. They suggest add a Criteria mapping on the RDD however its all grayed out for me. I’m not even able to duplicate the Report on RDD because it says “record not found”. Forgive me as I’ve only used Report Data Definition once before.

Additionally, the options field directly on BAQ Report Designer isn’t going to work for me in this scenario which is why I need to use the parameter directly on the BAQ itself.

I have a calculated field that returns inaccurate results if I run it for every job in the system and use this method. Oddly enough, the BAQ returns it correctly but it shows up as a completely different value when the SSRS Report generates which is why I want to pass the Job Num from the BAQ instead.

Thank you,