BAQ report to generate multiple labels

Hi guys,

Need your advice if this is possible.

We need to build SSRS label for marking packages per order level.
Label has to contain OrderNum, CustNum, PONum, PartNum and Qty per box on the pallet.
So if I would build baq report to retrieve order data by entering OrderNum and pass param with qty then baq would generate one line of data and this will generate only one label. But I need that it would generate for example 15 labels because I have 15 boxes on the pallet. I could say for the printer to print 15 copies but that is not good because every label has to have unique label number.
UUID would be preferable for unique number but that would require to increase number after every printing and store it in OrderHead which would require more heavy customization to update table after printing. As a dummy way I am thinking I could achieve this by using calculated field like concat(cast(cast(getdate() as float) as int), DATEPART(MILLISECOND,GETDATE())) + ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY OrderHead.OrderNum ASC). BUT how to tell for the baq to repeat the same line for 15 times by passing parameter(if this is possible at all)

Maybe there are any possible solution for this without involving bartender?

Quick search on the forum here provides this post -

Do not judge me but I think I will solve this not in correct way but seems this will work. So I will create a numbered list in user codes like 20 lines then will join this user code by company to orderhead table, will pass param for OrderNum and then will pass param for label qty like 15. So what this will do is it will provide one line from orderhead but user code will provide 20 lines of list, this will cause to repeat orderhead line for 20 times and provided parameter will set limits for repeating because parameter will sound like this: CodeTypeID <= @Qty (this will stand for param which in this case 15) . So that should generate 15 lines in result and I will be able to create SSRS template for 15 labels or Etc. :sweat_smile:

That’s pretty what my post that @markdamen referenced does. Basically a way to make duplicate records, which SSRS interprets as separate labels.

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