BAQ view Time and Expense entry modifications

I am trying to come up with a way to view the total number of time and expense modifications in a given month. I have been playing with the various labor fields without much luck. Has anyone done something similar? Essentially, I want to track every time a transaction is recalled, and resubmitted.

For example
9/25/2023 Job: X, OP:Y, A–>E

You would have to build some kind of logging to track this yourself. There is not table that collects this data out of the box. I can think of a couple of ways you could start collecting this data.

  1. You could use a Directive, a BAQ and an Executive Query to output the data to a cube. Then you can look up the data in the cube anytime you want with another BAQ.
  2. You could also create a UD table to store this log information. You will have to define the entire process for collecting the data.

Good luck!

You can do this with just one field added to LaborDtl. When TimeStatus goes from A to E on a recall increment the field. if you want to track the user date and time you can add three more fields and set those to the values in ChangedBy, ChangeDate and ChangeTime.

Then with a baq just pull any LaborDtl where the field is not zero and sum them

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