BAQCombo result as parametor for another BAQCombo

I have a Dashboard which I´m filtering by Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period.

I´ve created 2 BAQCombo boxes and the corresponding BAQs. The first one query and group FiscalYear from the APInvHed table, displaying the list of available years.

the second, do the exact same thing but with fiscal period and i added a calculated field to display month name instead of number.

so far this is fine, but i want to filter the Period BAQCombo, to display only the FiscalPeriod available based on the FiscalYear BAQCombo value, is that even possible?

EpiCombos are much better at doing this. I doubt that BAQ Markups (search this site for details) can help here.

I have done that, but haven’t find any additional information for BAQ Markup Language using no EpiBinding fields… I found there should be something like [Curent:Value] but there is no additional information, or i haven’t found it yet…