Bartender not printing from correct file

We have a basic BPM that auto prints labels on bartender.
The BPM creates the file for bartender to read and create the label.
If its on computer A then it saves the file to folder 1
if its on computer B then it saves the file to folder 2

The BPM runs without any issues.
for computer A, the label prints no problem
For computer B, the file is created, but the label that prints is the data from the last label printed from computer A.

Has anyone experienced this? or would have any idea where/how to trouble shoot this?

Which version of Bartender? And can you send a screenshot of your Integration/Commander setup?

We are on version 10.1 SR4

I am having a hard time opening Commander. I have to restart the server, but since its on the same server as Epicor, I have to do it after hours.