Best practices: Part, Site, and Method settings

I am soliciting input for your “best practices” for ensuring new parts/methods get setup properly. I have a dozen or so BPMs currently that check certain fields and then follow some sort of if/else logic to setup various other fields. This works mostly OK but we still get a few ECOs that sneak through with things setup wrong. Do you have any kind of dashboard or tool to review all the parts associated to an ECO and their settings? Should we use harsher BPMs that prevent saving if something isn’t right? Do we need better user training? I am an engineer by trade and I can honestly say that trying to communicate the dozens of settings needed on the part/site/operation/material is pretty intense. Our old ERP had about 3 things we had to check. Mostly, I’m interested in any kind of dashboard or checker ideas so that we don’t have to have a person spend their time auditing sometimes hundreds of parts on each ECO.