BOM Purchase parts

Ok, they do something crazy here and I don’t agree with it. They build BOMs for Purchase parts. My opinion they should just be in Part Maintenance. Could this be causing MRP to go wacky?

I will opne another topic for that issue.

Why would they put a planner on a Purchase Part? Does that matter?

Do you sometimes need to make a buy item?

Brad Boes

I’ve seen this where engineering designs a purchased item and uses local revision control to tell the supplier how to make the part and which parts to use.

Mark W.

these are drawing we own and someone makes for us. They have the part as a BOM and all the material that the supplier would use…and the material is also checked MRP. To me only the top level should be checked.

no. we always buy this.

I see.

Without an operation and with no unfirm jobs for the purchased part I don’t believe the materials listed would cause any demand.

Brad Boes

I understand that but not quite what I am looking for. Why would anyone have a BOM for a Purchase part and why would the Mtl be checked to process MRP. What is the point of having a BOM we are buying it.

If the top level part is where the demand is, and the part type is Purchased on the Sites tab, MRP will not look at the lower level parts. It should only create a PO Suggestion for the top level part number.

Maybe for service part lists later? Or as someone suggested, for rev control? I can’t comment on why the MTL would be checked for MRP processing, although I suspect it’s a “we’ve always done it that way” thing if your company is anything like mine.

It is not unusual to have a BOM for a Purchase Parts. One company I worked at bought the Finished Printed Wire Board but, it was our design.

MRP just looks at the Part Type of P.

We have the problem when we have to send purchase parts back for Rework (new design, etc) and MRP does not recognize the Rework job as a supply - because it is a purchase part.

To me - supply is a supply

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