Planning Bom?

I’ve just installed Kinetic 2022 on a test server and I was intrigued by the new part type of “Planning Bom” - though after digging into it a little further I’m not sure it will turn out to be what I was hoping.

I was wondering if anyone had used this and what sort of feedback you might have on how well it works and how useful? Our situation is that we often have designs that are still in engineering and not released for production but we still need to be able to see the demand for material in order to build prototypes and such. However, those new engineering designs often use a variety of standard components that are in our inventory so I’m not sure that a planning bom the way it’s done here is going to be useful. Or…I could be completely off track on the whole concept… certainly wouldn’t be the first time…

Planning BOMs are used mostly for forecasting - at least that was my APICS understanding. If you have a somewhat configurable product, you can set up a planning BOM to associate percentages of options. For example, let’s say I sell computers. I can make a forecast for laptops where 50% use I5 CPUs, 20% I3 CPUs, and 30% I7 CPUs. Now I forecast a total number of laptops and the planning BOM will explode out the number of each CPU required over the forecast. If the “mix” changes, I just update the planning BOM to the new percentages.

What you are describing are Planning Contracts and others use these today, especially for long lead time items that you want to order before you get demand in the system. The planned material can be assigned to a customer/project and MRP will not make it available to other demands not associated with the contract. You CAN try to steal the material for other things and it will let you after complaining. The biggest gripe about Planning Contracts is all of the material goes to one BIN. :person_shrugging: I believe there’s an Epicor Idea out there to expand that.

Thank you! I had no idea what Planning Contracts were - it wasn’t pointed out when we were doing our implementation and I had just continued to ignore it. That sounds exactly like something we could use; I’ll do more research. Of course, that’s provided I ever finish testing 2022 and get it deployed… definitely having more trouble with this upgrade than previous ones.

If you don’t want/need to segregate/allocate the material, another option might be using Master Production Scheduling. It’s like a forecast but you are telling the system to make/buy something as the boss. You’re telling the system, “Hey, I know something that you (MRP) don’t. Create this demand for this quantity for this part on this date. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.”

Unlike Forecasts, MPS entries are not consumed by actual demand if I recall correctly. So when the orders do come in, you’ll want to reduce/remove the MPS entry.

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