BPM Method for either start production or Report Qty

Is there a BPM Method for either the MES Start Production OR Report Qty? I am struggling to figure out how to do this.


There is a StartActivity method.

Mr. Dan: When I look at the list of Business Object available for a Method BPM I don’t see a “StartActivity”. Just wondering if there is an alternate phrase?

I did find the ReportQty Business Object - and my BPM is working now. However, to cover my bases I will also have to include the “EndActivity” and I am having trouble locating that Business Object as well i.e. not listed in the available business objects for method BPM.


If you search, like shown below, do you not see StartActivity?

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Mr. Dan: Thank you so much.

That is exactly what I was looking for - I was getting hung up trying to find the Business Object (Labor).

You are the MAN!

I hope someday I can help you out.

Until then Thank you again.