MES Start Activity - Starting Quantity

I’m looking to do the following to/with the Start Activity form:

  • Add a text box to record the starting quantity of the operation. Adding the text box is simple, but I’m unsure of the binding.
  • Use a BPM to capture that value and save it into a UD field - other methods to accomplish this are certainly welcome as well.


We are changing the way that we approach a specific operation in our process (coating line) and we need to be able to specify at the beginning of the process how many parts are being loaded onto the line. Because quantity is only reported when End Activity is executed we have no visibility to the load on the line.

Any input or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. If I need to provide more information please let me know. Thank you for your time!

If you have advanced material management then you could do WIP moves.
If not you could issue material in the qty loaded. Don’t issue it until it is loaded to start the activity??

So sorry for the late response. I wanted to update this with the simple solution I came to.

UD Column Maintenance
I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to try this first, but adding custom fields to the LaborDtl table through UD Column Maintenance made these fields available to the Start Activity form. I added a label and textbox to the form and set the binding to my custom field and everything worked out perfectly.

Thank you, @Eric_Howell for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question.