BPM Query When MiscCode = FRTS Not Getting Triggered

Once an order has been invoiced, we want to prevent folks from changing the shipping misc header charge.

I created a BPM query with a condition that MiscCode = “FRTS”, but it’s not triggering when I make a change to that row in an order. Using ‘FRTS’ gets a compile error on saving the BPM. I tried removing the InvcHead table from the BPM Query to help narrow down the condition to MiscCode=FRTS rows only, but still not getting triggered.


I put the OHOrderHed.MiscCode field in the pop-up warning, but it’s not getting returned (guessing that’s my issue). But that field is in the trace dataset…

The rows are visible in my test BAQ (same results testing using either OHOrderMsc or OrderMsc).


Not quite sure how to keep moving forward now…

Did you try FRTS with no quotes?

That also gives a compilation error.

Anyone have ideas why the Pre-BPM condition isn’t finding the FRTS misc header charge line? I’m not sure what else to try, considering that field is in the trace.