BPM to Block adding a Credit Memo to an RMA if there is no RMA Disposition


I have to add an exception whenever someone tries to add a credit memo to an RMA when there is no RMA Disposition tied to that RMA.
I’m doing a Pre-Process BPM on Erp.RMAProc.RMACreditAdd. I can’t seem to get my code to work. Can anyone take a look and let me know what I’m not doing correctly? I’m not seeing my first infomessage letting me know that I’m in the foreach loop.

//The purpose of this script is to block adding a Credit Memo to an RMA if there is no RMA Disposition.

Erp.Tables.RMADtl RMADtl;
Erp.Tables.RMADisp RMADisp;

//Epicor.Customization.Bpm.InfoMessage.Publish(“FOUND BPM”);

foreach (var ttInvcDtl_iterator in (from ttInvcDtl_Row in ttInvcDtl
where string.Equals(ttInvcDtl_Row.RowMod, IceRow.ROWSTATE_ADDED, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)
select ttInvcDtl_Row))

var ttInvcDtl_xRow = ttInvcDtl_iterator;

//Epicor.Customization.Bpm.InfoMessage.Publish("ttInvcDtl_xRow.RMANum: " + ttInvcDtl_xRow.RMANum);

if(ttInvcDtl_xRow != null)
    //Epicor.Customization.Bpm.InfoMessage.Publish("FOUND ttInvcDtl_xRow");

    RMADtl = (from RMADtl_Row in Db.RMADtl
        where RMADtl_Row.Company == Session.CompanyID
            && RMADtl_Row.RMANum == ttInvcDtl_xRow.RMANum
            && RMADtl_Row.RMALine == ttInvcDtl_xRow.RMALine
            select RMADtl_Row).FirstOrDefault();

    if (RMADtl != null)
        //Epicor.Customization.Bpm.InfoMessage.Publish("FOUND RMADtl");

        RMADisp = (from RMADisp_Row in Db.RMADisp
            where RMADisp_Row.Company == Session.CompanyID
                && RMADisp_Row.RMANum == RMADtl.RMANum
                && RMADisp_Row.RMALine == RMADtl.RMALine
                select RMADisp_Row).FirstOrDefault();

        if (RMADisp.RMANum == null)
            throw new Ice.BLException("Credit Request can not be requested until the RMA has been dispositioned. Refer to FAC Service standard 'SV-002 - RMA Process' on Team Friedrich for more information. \n-DC BPM");
            Epicor.Customization.Bpm.InfoMessage.Publish("RMADTL_Num = " + RMADtl.RMANum + "\n" + "RMADTL_Line = " + RMADtl.RMALine + "InvcDtl_Num = " + RMADisp.RMANum + "\n" + "InvcDtl_Line = " + RMADisp.RMALine);


Is there any reason you aren’t just using the condition where you make a query and count the rows? That seems like it would be a lot easier.

No reason other than not being aware of this option. I will try this out and get back to you on Monday. Thanks

@Banderson Thanks for the tip, that worked out for me.

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have you made it work? I have the same task but I can not figureout how to do this on Erp.RMAProc.RMACreditAdd singe during proces dataset are empty.

Solved this like that, by using conditional query and “iRMANum” parameter