BPM to change warehouse on Sales Order Entry

Epicor version: 2021.2.13
In Sales Order Entry I would like to create a method directive to default the warehouse on the releases tab when a certain condition is met.
If both CustomerID and ShipVia would both meet a certain condition. Then any lines added to the order would default to a specified warehouse. Has anyone ever done this? I am pretty new to BPM’s and need a little guidance. Thank you.

yes, i have done something like this, but you will probably need it to be a DATA BPM because the OrderRel table is initially created in the background and cannot be addressed with the normal SalesOrder.Update method. You would create a DataBPM that looks for Add/updated OrderRel records, and do the necessary lookups to the OrderHed table to find the conditions, and then change the Warehouse. But you also need to validate that the warehouse is legal for the part as well. This could get complicated depending on your setups.