Purchase point ship via default

Is there a way so set a default ship via on a purchase point?

Hi, You should be able to do this via a BPM

So, i would try this:

Find out the table / field…
Raise a data directive
Set the condition and action.

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call up supplier maintenance > purchase point
select purchase point that you want, make sure you are n detail tab
there should be a primary purchase point checkbox, check it
that will pull in that purchase every time that you create a new PO with that supplier

This can be accomplished by adding a UD field at the supplier PP level to store the default Ship Via. Then you can put a method directive in place on Erp.PO.ChangePurPoint to see if there is a default set at the purchase point and then copy it over to the PO.

You will also need to handle PO suggestions, if you use those.

Jim Rogers

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I forgot to mention that checking the primary purchase point checkbox will pull in the purchase point only if you type in the supplier number, if you use search it doesn’t pull it in