BPMData Form Error - E10


I’m using a BPMData form in a method directive to make a decision. It displays a list of salespersons, and allows the user to select a checkbox whether to allow the action.

Here are the fields.

Field	Field Label	Field Format	Mandatory	Default	Order	
BPMData.Character01	Non Commissionable Sales Rep List:	x(100)	True		10
BPMData.Checkbox02	Allow Commission Split?:		True		20

The only button is the default OK.

It displays and enters the data just fine, but on the OK button click, I get:

BpmData form feedback has been received from client but not processed by server code

It’s not making it out of the form–I put a message box right after and it never gets there.

I’m doing something wrong, but can’t see it.



What method are you using and what version is this on?

I’m going to resurrect this because I have no idea what this error means or how to get around it. SalesOrder.Update i’m using the context fields in a custom code block but I have no idea why it’s yelling at me. Far as I know it shouldn’t care one way or the other what I do with the data after it’s sent.


Paste theeeem deeeets!

If i had to guess it doesnt sense a condition checking the data

I fixed it for him you know that @jgiese.wci he’s “special”… The issue was that he was calling this in SalesOrder.Update() while calling SalesOrder.UpdateMaster() (which triggers Update())


Wait…sorta like a loop?! OH ITS ON :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah basically he was calling UpdateMaster which was calling Update which didn’t know how to handle the BPMForm being called from another BPM…/Server Side Logic
Feel free to harass him about it, you know I will.

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I feel the crux of the issue here is why is there an Update and MasterUpdate