Bulk Delete An Operation (10,000+ parts)?

When the system was originally setup, “SHIPPING” was added as an operation on all parts. Later, they stopped using the SHIPPING operation, but many older parts still have it assigned as an operation (and not closing the operation often prevents the job from being completed).

What would be the best way to delete this operation from 10,000k + parts?

Thank you.

DMT would be the best way to delete them.

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Is the Shipping Op set as final operation?
Are any materials related to this Op?
If the answer to either of the above are yes then it gets a tad more complex but if not a simple DMT will do it.

If FinalOpr:
Create a template from Bill Of Operations table, tick FinalOpr.
Write a BAQ listing all parts/revisions with Shipping as Op and other required field to fill in your template.
Once you have a list untick new & update and tick Delete - fire.

If Material related to op … hide in the corner.

Recommend trying in test environment first.
This will likely approve all revs of all parts - another DMT (update, not new or delete) of unapproved parts will set back to how things were.

“Hide in the corner”… oh no.

Yes, Shipping Op is the final operation, but about 1,000 of the 10,000 include a material (shipping box). Ideally, we’d like to move the shipping box to the previous operation first, then delete the shipping op.

Any suggestions on that?

Thank you!