Point me in the right direction perhaps? A DMT question

We have a license for DMT. I love it. Everyone should have it. Obligatory gushing completed.

I need a little help figuring out if a task I need to complete is possible with DMT. We have 587 operations on 523 different part revisions that incorrectly have 2 resources assigned to them, and I need to delete one. I can get all of that data via BAQ and I will put it into whatever format I need to.

Which DMT operation should I be looking to use? I’ve only ever done big changes to things like ShipTos or done Quantity Adjustments to fix up physical inventory. I know how to use the tool, I just don’t always know which category and subcategory i need to start from in the menus in order to accomplish what I want to do.

I will be testing everything in a Pilot environment first so please don’t be shy to make a suggestion.

I thought maybe “Engineering” and then “Bill of Operations”? but there seem to be a lot of things related to attachments that make me think thats the wrong place. It looks like that one follows through the process of checking a part out to an ECO group and making changes, which is how I would do this manually, but I’m thrown off by the ECOOprAttch#GroupID - Optional that shows up on the Required screen. Are these not actually required (as in, are they really optional?) because… isn’t everything not on the required list optional? I’m not sure I understand the call-out on the required button.

Is this the right place or am I lost?


I have the data of the resource I want to remove, but I got it by looking in PartOpDtl. So I may for part “39-3576” on RevisionNUm “-” want to remove OprSeq10, OpDtlSeq 20. This doesn’t seem to match up with what is required for the Bill of Operations DMT which makes me think I’m in the wrong spot.

Bill of operations template is what you require. The fields you will need to unspecify a resource against the particular op are - you can ignore the optional attachment fields

Company Plant ECOGroupID PartNum RevisionNum AltMethod OprSeq OpCode ECOOpDtl#OprSeq ECOOpDtl#OpDtlSeq ECOOpDtl#CapabilityID ECOOpDtl#ResourceGrpID ECOOpDtl#ResourceID

If you are just wanting to delete the ops then you can get away with

Company Plant ECOGroupID PartNum RevisionNum AltMethod OprSeq OpCode

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Thank you! I suspect my issue at the moment is how I’ve sourced the data from BAQ and nothing with the DMT process (this is common for me!). I will take a second look at where these fields come from, perhaps I should be using something other than PartRev/PartOpDtl as a source.

Thank you for your assistance, I feel I am very close. I am getting errors like this in my pilot which make me believe I’ve instructed DMT to delete the full operation and not just the resource.

I’m trying to direct it to delete a resource like the one highlighted here:

and i’m passing it the following information which seems to be what I need - does something stand out that I am missing in order to get the resource to delete and not the operation? I do want to retain the operation with resource 20 on it, and a material does reference this operation.

Ok I understand what is happening - - I think you will probably do a mass update of the related op field in the bill of material for the affected parts - set to zero so as it is not related to any op which will get rid of this error - you then fix the bill of operations - to keep the sequencing clean I would delete both “saws and saw alum. deck” in one dmt update and then reinsert the ones you want to keep in another dmt update. That done you then re-associate the related op .

It is a few steps but will keep the db cleaner.