Buyer Workbench question

I have created a few jobs that have some purchased parts. When MRP runs we are not seeing them create PO Suggestions as expected. Nothing shows on Buyer workbench. When I look at Time Phase Inquiry for the purchased Part I can see Suggestion For Warehouse: GSOWH…Is this a transfer?

Off the top of my head I wonder if it is a “Change” suggestion instead of a NEW PO suggestion?
These used to drive me crazy.

Suggestion For Warehouse: GSOWH…Is this a transfer
One easy way to tell…
In Time Phase Inquiry… you should be able to uncheck “Transfer”.
See if the line goes away or stays.

Probably. Is that part identified on the plant/site tab as purchased in one
plant and transfer in the other?

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Make sure the buyer is setup correctly as well - if you are not allowed to
buy it - you will not see it.

I have that Buyer set up on the Part Plant tab if that is what you mean.

Mark, They are purchase for both plants.

I checked that. The strange part is NOTHING shows up under this buyer not even changes.

And was MRP run after materials were added to the firm job(s)?
I kind of remember seeing some timing issue with suggestions.

and all of these exist?
• a supplier,
• a non-zero unit price
• a quantity,
• a purchasing factor,
• a unit of measure.

Is the part set up for the wrong buyer, or no buyer? There are configurations on the Part Class and Part Plant.

Do you have more than one plant? Is the job requesting the part in a
different plant?

If this is a purchase direct part on the job you will not see a PO
suggestion until you engineer/schedule the job

It appears that time phase is seeing this part as a stock part but could it
be on the job material it was flagged as purchase direct?

Mark Wagner
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Capstone Alliance Partners 888.597.2227 Ext. 71
<888.597.2227%20Ext.%20714>2 | 904.412.6847 (cell)

A buyer is set up under Part Plant not the Part Class. I did just verify this to make sure.

It is requesting it from the same plant the job was created in.

I don’t see where it is marked Purchase direct Part…?? not sure where that is.

IT is not marked on Job as Purchase Direct. The Part is listed as Qty Bearing…

Are the authorized users set for this buyer? I set myself under all buyers, so I can research these kinds of issues.

If you search in new PO Suggestions and sort the search window by buyer you can find parts without buyers.
You can also sort/filter by part and find the buyer the system used.


Purchase direct would be your stock/non stock flag on the part plant/site.
Plant/site is where MRP looks at to determine whether the part is mfg,
purchased, transfer, etc and whether the part is qty bearing, stock or non
stock, and whether the part is MRP processed

Mark Wagner
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Capstone Alliance Partners 888.597.2227 Ext. 71
<888.597.2227%20Ext.%20714>2 | 904.412.6847 (cell)

Purchase Direct … i.e. NonStock in the part master - on the Plant sheet
And on the Job Tracker you might look at this sheet : Job Details --> Materials --> Detail --> Purchasing section at the bopttom of the page.

So i found my issue. Very frustrating. It was some old SQL code that was written by previous admin to set the buyer via SQL trigger. UGH…