Calc Mfg Lead Time

Does anyone successfully use Calc Mfg Lead time in 10.2.300.10? We can’t seem to get it to work right. We would like to have the system calculate this for us but can’t seem to get it working. Yes we have run the Calc Mfg LT job.

Thanks Kim

Do you have multiple subassemblies and the math isn’t working? If so, welcome to the club. I’ve had customers ask to have the Manual Lead time populated for them for this issue (BPM).

Now I’m glad I never ran that task. Thanks for the heads up.

Kim I have been working on this for a client and its been a learning experience. I am documenting what I am finding is needed. I would be glad to share my findings with you when I am done. This is for 600 level but it should be the same for your level hopefully

The biggest issue we saw was the lead time with mixed sources (Purchased vs Manufactured).

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Seen this too

We enter our lead times directly on the Site tab of the part master (for both purchased and manufactured items). Extremely valuable data for us, and I really don’t want to lose that because of poor ERP coding/performance.

that would be great. Thanks mark !!

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is any update on this matter, I cannot even get the log file to appear :frowning: … using V2.600