Calculating Volume for Container Landed Cost PO Release Lines

We have run into a bit of a dillema today whilst working through importing Landed Cost Containers from our old system to E10.

We have discovered that the volume calculation on the LC container lines actually takes the Net Volume value from the part and multiplies it by the XRelQty field on the PORelase. So for scenarios where we have complex UOM conversions (for example Qty5 of a 2.4M length) the volume is calculated incorrectly.

I am trying to devise a way that will enable us to substitute the correctly calculated volume into the Volume Field on the ContainerDetail.

It appears we may need two BPMs to cope with the two methods of putting a PO release line on the Container, one for the Add MultiShip lines as it fires the CreateMultiDetails method and the PreUpdateContainer method when you add an individual line.

I am hoping that If I grab the ContainerDetail.IUM and then lookup the PartUOM.UOMCode and muliply the ContainerDetail.PORelXRelQty with the factors working through the UOM conversions to get the correct calculation out the other end to M3, and then substitute the ContainerDetail.Volume value with the newly calculated one, it will work. I clearly want to avoid any situation where calculating the volume goes through all detail records when we save/update is fired as there is the potential for hundreds of POreleases per container.

So at this point I’m going to ask two questions.

  • Has anyone seen or had to do this before with regards to calculation of the Volume on Landed Costs

  • Does this sound like a sound approach or can someone provide a better suggestion.

And one further question. How many people use Landed Costs in Epicor?

Did you find out?

Nope unfortunately, what questions are you wanting to clarify.

A couple of other landed cost issues we have

Recalculation of costs after adding additional PO’s or removing them. If you add subsequent PO lines to a container it adds additional cost lines, it does not delete them.

If you don’t use the add multiple PO lines option you cannot receive.

It is not easy for the end user to look at the indrect/mischellaneous charge and see what the original “cost” was.

These were picked up in 10.1.600 which I need to retest in 10.2.400 now we have stripped out multiple customizations.

I do recall issue with receiving being related to importing of data, which is not going to be an issue as users have to enter in all open PO’s and Shipments manually for Go live now. :slight_smile:

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