Container Landed Cost remaining qty

  1. PO line has 350 Qty
  2. Container landed cost received 161 Qty
  3. Remaining 189 qty need to receive but when we trying to call the PO line in the new container landed cost but that PO line is not appearing to process the remaining qty. Any thoughts?


Hi, What version are you on. Also trying splitting the release, if not already done.

10.2.100 version and this is single release Only already checked in PO already.

Undoubtely, single release only and status also shows “Open” but we are not able to proceed with the container landed cost. Moreover, System does not allow to do the normal receipt entry as well because we received the partial qty by container landed cost entry. Wired behavior of the system!!

I think it is standard behaviour. So you have two containers in play attached to a single PO release?

Yes, first we received 161Qty and next we want to receive remaining 189 Qty in another container laned cost.

Create a 2nd release then look how you can automatically split releases etc.

Thanks, I trying to split the release ie. 1st release 161 and 2nd release 189 but system does not allow to edit


Was your Shipping and Receipt Options set correctly in Container Landed Cost Entry?

Here’s a link that might fix it for future reference if it wasn’t (you will need Epicare Access)

@Hally Thank you, we already found this option and fixed the issue.

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