Can one report use two different BAQs

I have been tasked with creating a CofC that requires PO and Customer information (from SOs) to be on it. Along with Mtl Part Lot Number, description, etc…

We have shifted to Make to Stock, so the SO>>Job link cannot be used, and with the CofC being printed prior to Shipping, I cannot use Lot Number to tie things back.

I don’t know if I have gotten myself into the weeds on this, but I am not seeing a solution that I once thought I was tracking on.

The CofC has its own custom report using BAQ Report Designer, where the operator will provide some hand keyed info for the query to find the data to fill out the report, My thinking at this time was to have the operator enter the Lot Number (which we are now making from the job number) to get the job info. They can also enter the SO Number to get the Sales data as well. The two entries would tie to two queries to populate the one report.

If anyone has a cleaner more obvious solution, I would love to hear it. If not, how would I be able to get the one report to pull from two BAQs?


Without knowing the details…I would look into creating a new BAQ with a top level that reads from the two lower level subqueries. You can combine the outputs from the lower level sub queries into the results of the top level which then gives you a single data set to report against. This would require that there is some logic to bring the data from both the sub queries of course.

If you create a new report data definition, you can select new BAQ and repeat to add your second baq.

Add a relationship between them if you would like.


Do that in the sql statement in the .rdl.

Look around on the forum for posts about passing parameters/filters to these BAQs… It has been a minute so I am not sure if it is possible or not.