Cannot add subreports to out of the box reports

Is anyone else having issues adding a subreport to any out of the box (Standard) reports like AR Invoice or Packing Slip? Using 10.2.300. Epicor is not recognizing new subreport.

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Lynn David

If the sub report is in the same folder you only need to put the name of the report in the sub report path.

If it is outside of the folder where the main report is, you have to specify the full path.

At least this is what happens to me…

It is in the exact same folder and I copied another subreport to have the same datasource.

Are you passing the guid parameter to it?

Sent you a message aside from this thread.

I am saving the guid for one day and tried a month. I contacted support and they say that the Report Builder does not give you the ability to attach subreport when downloading report.

So you are inserting a subreport using report builder on your local desktop after you download the rdls from the server? And then you are uploading the report again?

I open the report on the URL and insert it from there. When I try to download the report the new subreport does not get downloaded. If I try linking the subreport
after downloading, it only allows to insert subreport from URL and not local desktop. So when I try to upload the report in Epicor, it does not find the subreport.

@LynnDavid I think I got it. Make the Subreport on your local machine and save it in the folder where you downloaded the main report. Take note of the parameters you need in your subreport. Then, insert your subreport in the main report… DO NOT BROWSE. Just type in the name of the report as it is in the folder. Then, add the parameters (using the names you noted above.) Then set the values using the dataset from your main report. You then should be able to go back to the report style and upload the report.

Does that make sense?

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Yes I do.

Cool. Let me know if it works.

Does this mean you have already tried that?

I have tried so many different ways. I do not think I tried what you suggested so I am going to try that.

Let me know if it works for you.

Will do.


Make sure you add the parameters in the sub-report properties in the main report. Type them the same as they are written in the sub report.