Can't use emoji reactions :(

When I click on the emoji reaction iconimage , this is what I see:

How do I fix it?? Is it my browser? I’m using Microsoft Edge (not my choice).

You see any errors in developer console? and when you say Edge I hope you mean the new Edge (chrome based) of you are running the monstrosity that Microsoft Put out a few years ago then #ImOut

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Sorry, it’s the Microsoft Edge :frowning: Not my choice but ITs choice :frowning: :sob: :sob: :sob:

But is it this one? image or the Blue E (old Edge?)

I just tested in the new Edge and it works ok.

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Works ok in my Chromium Edge.

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It’s the old Edge icon - Microsoft Edge Legacy :frowning:

I’ll talk to IT to see if they can load another browser or if they will load the Chromium Edge. It’s not fun to not have control of the computer you use :frowning: Just sayin…

yeah I mean that old Edge even microsoft gave up on it, sorry @Beth

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I just had my friend in IT here. He loaded the Chromium version for me and it works! Thanks @josecgomez and @Rick_Bird!!


So IT dictates the browser to use, but they didn’t give you the right one … :wink:

Yes. It frustrates me but I’m not in charge of the IT department, so I have play by their rules. Now I know what it feels like to be “on the other side of the fence”! LOL!!