My thumb got stuck

Off-topic, but I can’t remove a thumbs-down? I was just being funny… does this like mark @Evan_Purdy as a bad person?

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haha you have doomed him for eternity. No its fine it doesn’t count against him.

You can’t remove it, but you can change it (you only get one)

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No, I think it’s stuck.

Go ahead, give me a thumbs down.

You just hover over it on the right side and pick a different one.


You can remove it too. Just click on it and it should remove


No, I mean no offense, but I know how to change a reaction. This one won’t budge. Maybe after a time delay it cements it?

[Moved this after you split the topic]

haha okay I’m gonna impersonate you and check(note this may kick you out… ) stand by

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So you were right… turns out there’s a setting for this

You only have 10 minutes to change your mind LMAO… I just bumped it to 30 mins. #TheMoreYouKnow



OK cool. Well, I’m still leaving it, so :stuck_out_tongue: @Evan_Purdy

But the fact that I couldn’t undo it scared me that I had scarred him for life.

Preferring a single screen scarred me more than any emoji you can find

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@JasonMcD There is still a single screen for you. Dual 27"

Well it’s better than dual monitors, but still no way.

My reasons for never using multiple monitors:

  1. They fall over all the time and/or it’s hard to angle one over to show something to a coworker
  2. Too much desk space
  3. My biggest annoyance: You click on screen A and the window opens on screen B. This is the 99% of the reasoning.
  4. Laptops only have one screen anyway
  5. I am not a gecko
  6. Snapping screens is (nearly) impossible at the edges that touch
  7. It takes forever to move your cursor, or it gets lost

From that list, I conclude you need:

  1. Better screen mounts
  2. A larger desk
  3. DisplayFusion:
  4. A HDMI cable
  5. ??
  6. DisplayFusion:
  7. DisplayFusion:

(I really like DisplayFusion…)

Well, I did not know about this computer application.

Gecko = my field of vision is not 359 degrees. It is kind of a sticking point (pun?). I feel like Nick Fury in Avengers 1 trying to look at all the monitors.

Also, I can’t exactly demand a larger desk… Nor do I want monitors to consume it.

I mean, it’s not like computers are my life… Oh.

He turns…

(edit: solid Marvel reference!)

Don’t get a cheap one a really good arm doesn’t ever move unless you want it. Mine has a bar you can push pull and yank around without messing up your alignment.

Not if you get a decent arm that attaches to the back of your desk then you have plenty of room

Most modern operating systems remember where you had your screen I can’t remember the last time I had this problem. If you are really picky there are programs you can install which basically “fence” your apps to a certain area or screen.

They don’t have to if you are cool like me they can have 3 too

Bummer geckos are cool

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: just take a breath friend, it works fine if you take 1.2 seconds to slow a tiny bit down.

Just tap Ctrl on your keyboard and your mouse will light up like a Christmas tree. Courtesy of Microsoft power toys.

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