Case Entry - Territory Security or Owner Security or any security at all? Help please

Hello All,

I am trying to use Case Entry for CRM workflows.

I thought that it would abide by the same rules as everything else CRM related, but every time I open up case entry, everyone can see every case.

This doesn’t happen when you open quote entry or customer entry for example. They are limited to their territory specific customers and records.

Has anyone dealt with this before or have any ideas on how to set something up so that it did abide by territory logic?

Thanks in advance for any brainstorming and ideas!

@utaylor We only have one territory and everyone can see it so it don’t have a territory solution, but I do something like this with security groups. If you made security groups the same as your territories, assigned the users to them. Then on GetByID and the first method hit after a search. Check that the Customer territory is contained in UserFile.GroupList and stop the open if not found.


Greg, I was thinking that I may have to do something like that… interesting way to go about it.

Greg, have you performed or written a BPM like this? Did is handle the “stop” nicely?

I don’t know how to do a “nice” stop through a business method, do you just return an empty dataset?


@utaylor, for Case Entry, are you really trying to use CRM workflows rather than Case Management workflows?

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Hey Scott,

I was just asking that question yesterday to someone helping. I saw that I was using Case Management type in case entry and wondered if that was the right thing to choose instead of CRM.

So to answer your question, I am using case management workflow groups at the moment for CRM tasks defined by our sales process.

The issue I am facing is that the sales reps are able to see everyone’s cases.

What about the task sets themselves… CRM or Case Management?

Task Sets relate to CRM,Case, or ECO if I am not mistaken so in order to use task sets with case entry you have to create the task set in the related area (CRM,Case,ECO).

I mentioned I was using case entry and case type so I have case related task sets.


@utaylor If you throw an exception it stops the open. I attached what I use below.

stop recpt reuse MD on GetByID.cs (1.2 KB)

I appreciate it Greg!

It works, but unfortunately it pop’s up the, “doesn’t exist, would you like to add new” prompt and doesn’t display the error message in the code.


@utaylor You will have to go further down in the trace to after getby but before data is displayed. I took a quick look and in my system GetAvailTaskSets could be a possibility since you have a casenum and custnum by then.

Ah, I see, so you are going further down the line in terms of methods.

Not sure if it will play nice with the UI.

I am wondering if I need to implement this on the UI side instead of a BPM.

A before method call or something.