CashRec.GetNewCashHead / GetNewCashHeadTGLC

Does anyone have a good breakdown of how these two methods work?

I’ve got a requirement to create a new CashHead entry to accept some deposits on orders. I can create the CashGrp/CashHead records without any (I assume) problems. But, to assign the GL code to the cash transaction, I’ve got to create this shadowy TGLC Cash Head entry.

Naturally, I tried using the CashRec.GetNewCashHeadTGLC method, filing out the appropriate fields, and then UpdateExt’ing it. For a long time, I got a “Parent table needs these keys error”, and after backtracking that through the Z tables to get the keys, its CompanyId, GroupId, and HeadNum. I can see the new HeadNum of the CashHead record, so clearly it’s there and it’s created. After fiddling with it for a while, I got it to accept the record by setting some of those fields on the rest of the CashRec data set, and now that I get a success message, it doesn’t actually create the CashHeadTGLC record.

Does anyone have any experience around this?