Change color of multiple selected rows in grid view

Dows anyone know what control to change to make the extra selected rows a different color? See below.


I don’t follow the question.

When you are in a Grid View and you select multiple lines, they all highlight a color. In my picture the bottom line is plum and the others are blue. I cannot find the setting to change the color of the blue lines.

I think you may be able to modify that using the built in theme designer, unless you want that highlighted state color to only apply to this single dashboard.

Programmatically you can try some of these

 e.Row.Band.Override.SelectedCellAppearance.BackColor = Color.Lime;

e.Row.Band.Override.SelectedRowAppearance.BackColor = Color.Lavender;

 e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveCellAppearance.BackColor = Color.Lime;

e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveRowAppearance.BackColor = Color.Lavender;

e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveRowAppearance.BackColor = Color.Coral;

e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveRowCellAppearance.BackColor = Color.Lime;

e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveRowCellAppearance.BackColor2 = Color.Lime;

e.Row.Band.Override.ActiveCellAppearance.BackColor2 = Color.Lavender;

Yeah, I tried every state I could and could only get the selected row to change color. Every other state that I tried would not change the blue. I will have to try editing the file like you suggest.

I’ll let you know.

Out of the box, any selected row is highlted the same. Do you want to change that color?

Or do you want to be able to select multiple rows, and have the one row that is in focus (with the triangle in row selector), be a different color?

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