Change Landing Page Search

Hello guys,

I need to change the basic search of a UD form but I don’t know how to do it. Could you guide me please.
I have tried modifying the search event but it doesn’t work.


The simplest way would be to create a Quick Search and select it from this list.

Outside of that, you will need to replace the search with your own.
Create a new field with search enabled.
Go to the properties > behavior > on search click.
Add a search-show widget and configure as needed.
You can even specify a quick search to be default within.

You can poke around their stock events and try and replicate what they’re doing.

Ok, Thanks.

Thanks for helping. The problem is that I need to change the lookup for this button as well. I need to filter the results.

In case it is not possible it could also be deleted but I can’t find a way to remove it.

You can make your own for that as well. Just be sure to hide the original.
Click the grid in App Studio > properties > advanced > action data.