Change Print Labels Default Printer


I’m struggling to change the printer default, and it’s annoying to change the printer every time i need a partnumber label for a certain part.

Right now is the printer set to “OneNote” and i would like to have it changed to “\Time-print.time.local\DK-SDG-B_Varemodt-Label”

Is there anyone in here, who can help me? What do i need to change or do, to make sure i have the following printer as default: \Time-print.time.local\DK-SDG-B_Varemodt-Label

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Which printer is set as the Windows Default, or is the ‘let Windows manage the default’ setting turned on or off?

The standard printer on my windows computer is set to be DK-SDG-B-Faelles (Not the same printer I refer to in my question), and the “let windows manage the default” is not turned on.

There are a few places you can also setup printers if they are System printers setup within Epicor. The warehouse has a list of printers and you can control which is the default.
You can also assign a printer to a workstation and have the user connect to a workstation at login (Epicor keeps them connected to the workstation, no need to reconnect).

In addition to @bderuvo I think as he said Warehouses and/or even Resources have a level of Printer settings, I recall seeing at one point, perhaps even Site has one too now, haven’t checked.

These are my older notes when we had some basic printer flow (the typical for most customers):

The Printer Logic follows the same logic that Epicor Uses:

  1. Users Session Selected Workstation (IF Not Selected, Move to Next)
  2. User Account Maintenance Default Workstation (If Not Selected, Move to Next)
  3. Company Maintenance Default Label Printer (If Not Selected, Move to Next)
  4. Server Default Printer (Windows)

If i change my windows default printer to the one I prefer, the “Part Labels” changes. BUT the printer default in the Receipt Entry → Action → Print Labels doesn’t change. I haven’t tried the 1-2-3 step yet, because I don’t have these permissions.


So the solution was my windows default printer settings, but the “Receipt entry” we use in our company is a modification by a 3 party Epicor partner, and that’s why it doesn’t change. Thanks for the help Haso Keric, Bryan DeRuvo and Michael Ramsey.