Changing a shared Cost ID to unique for a site

Thanks @timshuwy for this clarifying post:

We are finding a shared CostID doesn’t play well with FIFO. Anyone have any feedback on this procedure? Or specific validation to look for?

The idea of transferring all inventory to and from a virtual new site is in the hopes of stripping out variances and discrepancies and leaving them there as a single place for auditors to look at.

• Expected procedure:
	1. Create a new quarantine site (QUAR)
	2. Transfer all product from 3RD to QUAR
	3. Create new cost ID for 3RD
	4. Change the Cost ID in 3RD
	5. Transfer the product back from QUAR to 3RD

• Project steps:
	• Build dev
	• Execute the procedure in dev
	• Validate results
	• Cutover:
		○ All users out, disable integrations
		○ Run MRP
		○ Disable automations
		○ Take Rollback and Pilot backup
		○ Copy backup to PILOT
		○ Execute the procedure in PILOT
		○ Validate results
		○ Execute the procedure in PROD
		○ Validate results
			§ If valid, re-enable automations and integrations
			§ If not valid, re-deploy rollback backup, re-enable automations / integrations, and review
	• Monitor
	• Close Project


that looks like it should work (although you should pilot as you suggested).
Steps 3 and 4 should have no financial implications or transactions. Step 2 and 5 should see the value move from site to site, but the value should be equal and wash out each other.