Check Tasks - Opportunity/ Quote Entry

Hi, i have issues with task set, I can’t check de milestones in the quote.

  1. Create a new Prospect
  2. Add Opportunity / Quote entry from Salesperson Workbench, the quote open with the correct information,
  3. then I tried tow ways to add the call log, one add call log from Tree > Details > Call log button or Salesperson workbench > CRM calls > add, the tow ways let me add the call
  4. finally when I back to the opportunity /quote entry for check the task the options appear blocked, I can’t check complete, win or lose.
    I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong… help !!

Are you an authorized user of the Assigned To?

yes, my user have permission for almost everything

Check you task set maintenance and make sure the milestone detail current stage and check the Win or Loss check box enabled. I suspect your missing something in the task set maintenance setup.

Make sure you are an authorized user under the quote territory’s primary sales person.