Clicking on menu item does not open module

I have a couple of users with laptops. One is using the modern shell and the other is using classic view. When they click try to open a module from the Menu screen, they can click on the module such as Material Management, then the sub-module such as Inventory Management. The user that uses Classic view clicks on General Operations and nothing happens (normally the next level appears). The modern shell user clicks on General Operations and can see the menu items but when double-clicking on one of them such as Job Tracker, nothing happens. Both users are out of the office when this happens. When they are in the office using their workstations, everything is fine.

Has anyone had this happen? For now, they can click on the items they need either in their Favorites or in the Recent Forms area.

So when out of the office they using Terminal services, or VPN with the client on their laptop?

And are they using any kind of SSO? Maybe they look like different users when they’re connecting remotely.

Using VPN…no SSO.

I think that there is a personalization layer for the “main menu” for each user. I seem to recall having users lose entries in the menu tree, and purging that solved it. This was using the Classic Shell (the only one our users used). Not sure why the VPN connection would affect it

Interesting. I’m not even sure if the person that uses the Classic shell would know how to create a personalization…but then it could have “happened” by mistake. I’ll have to have him bring in his laptop to check it out. He said that he was using it fine earlier this morning without a problem, then it just “stopped working”.

They’re not personalizations in the sense of “making a personalization”. Just dragging the column order of a grid and saving layouts, is technically a personalization.

Yes, I realize that but even that is something you would have to train him on how to do…just sayin’ :wink:

It is amazing how easily a Personalization can get created for a user without them even knowing it. There used to be, at Epicor’s base setup for a new user, a window that would pop up and tell the user if they had made a change to the form and they could decide if they wanted to save their change as a Personalization or not (there was a checkbox on this pop-up that allowed users to turn this Warning message off and then Personalizations just automatically got saved). Siiigh…caused us quite a few problems and a lot of Personalizations that were not wanted. :confused: I’m not sure if that is the case anymore but it used to be that way.

Not only can you delete Personalizations from Customization Maintenance but there is also a Personalization Purge where you might find a MainMenuLayout Personalization for these users that, once deleted, might fix their problem (like Calvin suggested!) :slight_smile: :


You could also try a (Shell: Home - Settings - Clear Client Cache) or (Classic: Options - Clear Client Cache)

Or a (Classic: Options - Reset Layouts to Base) ?


I would say this would be a last resort but there is a user.config file located in the following location:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Epicor\Epicor.exe_StrongName_blahblahblah\3.1.600.0(latest version)\user.config

This can become corrupt and cause some error messages and strange issues. You can try to rename it (it should get re-created when the user logs in again.) and just see if that helps at all?

It’s just interesting that it works when they are on-site but not when they are working remote. That could be something more than my simple solutions above…just curious if any of these work. That’s probably where I would start at least… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Heather! I believe someone had him try to clear client cache but that didn’t change it. I talked to IT and they said that it may be something with the VPN.

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