Clientel Interface or Vantage 5.0

I have been asking this question to everyone I can with Vantage and would
like to get as much advice as possible on anyones thoughts. We currently
run Vantage 4.0 and have Clientel running separately. Phase 1 of Clientel
interface can be run with Vantage 4.0 but NOT Vantage 5.0. Full integration
of Clientel and Vantage doesnt come until Vantage 5.1 (which is slated for
April) We currently use MRP which is one of the biggest improvements with
Vantage 5.0, but we are also sales driven and any help with customers and
getting a link between Clientel and Vantage would seem helpful. Anyone else
out there in this 'dilema'? What are you all doing?


Jim MacMillan
System Administrator
Scientific Dimensions