Closing parameters

We have so many jobs showing up on our closing exception report and I can not figure out where we should have our parameters set. We even have jobs showing on exception report that have material cost off by $.01. below is a screen shot of where our thresholds are set at. Can anyone help me with where standard for a manufacturing company should be.

Epicor’s reasoning for the parameters is for a finance review before the jobs are completed (no more labor) and closed(no more material). If you do not intend to do this review and it is kind of late since any adjustments will likely get pushed to manufacture’s variance at this point.

I leave completion all blank and closing blank except for 1% under on material and a 15K over under on dollars.

Not knowing what your components cost, but judging from your comment you have some very low dollars the percentages will catch things like a .01 connector that took 100 or 1000 to get the setup done right, but that is a large percentage for a small dollar overage.

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