Compiling Crystal Reports?

Once you run the Scr8-Distr_Expert.exe routine then re-open Crystal there should be an option under Report on the menu bar then way down at the bottm for Report Distribution Expert. It is not called "compile" per se.

A couple tips with running the Distribution Expert....
1. On the first tab UN-check the option to distribute the data and CHECK the option to distribute the DLLs.
2. I have a shread folder (read access for everyone but me) in my mapped M: drive for Epicor on the server where I place the distribution files and users can run the setup.exe.

I have not distributed any that rely on ODBC but I gather that works as well as reports thatuse the dbf files only.

-Todd C.

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Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 8:37 AM
Subject: [Vantage] Compiling Crystal Reports??

Hi Everyone,

Because I'm still working on everything else I've asked everyone
about I want to thank you all for your help before I ask for even
more help.

I need to compile my Crystal 8.5 Reports. I downloaded the
information from the Epicor Website, but I still don't have the
option under the Report option to Compile. Has anyone ever had
experience with this? If so, can you direct me if I missing some
procedure besides downloading the,
unzipping the file, and running the following:
Crystal Decisions Database and Export Patch.exe

I don't know if there is some special directory you are supposed to
be in when running these as well.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Debbie Smith
Argonics, Inc.

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