MRP Configurator error deletes unfirm jobs (related to product configurator updates?)

Hi guys,

Production control just let us know of some make direct orders that didn’t have mfg jobs created. Searching our MRP log archive folder for the order number (Win10 index file contents for the win!), I found a few lines down “The Configurator Design has changed. Please Reconfigure the Linked order to resolve any conflicts”.

We use order holds a lot, and don’t release them for mfg until the financing issues have been resolved with the customer.

Does this error mean that any time we update (aka improve) our product configurator, that any orders that used the previous version will error out MRP, and all of them need to be identified and manually re-configured?

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Thanks for the help!

I don’t use MRP, but yes, every time a configuration changes all orders have to be reconfigured before they can be turned into jobs.

@Evan_Purdy - Thanks. We did that, and it worked.

Of course a week later we want to make a change to the configurator, and loathe the idea of going into a hundred open sales orders to reconfigure them. :stuck_out_tongue:

@askulte Do you use the verify process? That will ‘update’ all of the configurations in quote, order and job without having to reconfigure them manually.

I haven’t been able to get that to work, I think it only works if you make actual parts?

No way! We’ll have to try that next time. I didn’t know about that. Thanks.

@Schae235 - Sweet! It worked! I ran it after we updated the configurator in PILOT, and no more MRP errors. Thank you so much.


From 10.2.500 Help:

Verify Existing Configurations

Use the Verify Existing Configurations to verify existing PcInValue records against the current version of the configuration for a base part number. The utility checks the input value against rules for On Leave, Input Format, and also verifies that the input value is valid in the inputs dynamic list or list items. This utility is valuable when you want to check this information for several configured parts at once.

The utility checks the input values, and combo box selections made in actual configuration sessions (invoked from Sales Order Entry , Opportunity/Quote Entry , Purchase Order Entry , Job Entry , Demand Entry or Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Web Basket ) against Set Field, Keep When, and Pricing rules that have been defined for the configured base part. If any definition changes are made to the product configuration (for example, rule syntax has been changed), this utility applies those changes to existing configurations, using the input values entered during the original configuration session. If an error is found within an individual record, a message is written to the log file (specified in the Log File Name field) explaining the error.

Use the Selection sheet to choose the parameters for the process. Use the Filter sheet(s) to select the specific records to include for the process. For more information, review the Filters Overview topic in the Application Help.

  • If you do specify filtering parameters, the program only processes the range of part numbers entered into the Parts field.
  • If you have not specified filtering parameters in the Filter sheet, the program loops through all base configured parts for which the Save Input Values checkbox has been selected in the Configurator Entry > Part Creation sheet. It then searches for any part numbers that were generated from this base configured part.
  • As it finds each part, it loads the saved input values for each configured part number and reconfigures the part using the current configuration settings.

Note: If you generate sales orders from configured quote lines using the Create Sales Order selection on the Actions menu in Opportunity/Quote Entry , erroneous values may have been created in PcValueGrp rows. If this occurred, the erroneous values are reported on log files generated when you run Verify Existing Configurations. To correct these errors, use the Update PcValueGrp Related To Columns process.

Important: For more information on how to review the status of any processes generated, read the System Monitor topic in the Interface Navigation section of Online Help.

Menu Path

Navigate to this program from the Main Menu:

  • Sales Management > Configurator Management > General Operations > Verify Existing Configurations

I went back and checked, and yes, this only works if you have “Save Input Values” checked and “Set Part Numbers Only” unchecked, which is why this never works for me.