Configurator reconfiguring not updating partmtl table

Good Day

I have setup a configurator with the relevant configurator rules and method rules to correctly build the quote to, ecomtl and jobmtl table records. The configurator is set to create a new revision and allow reconfiguring account the relevant entities which also is not a problem.

The method works as desired however I notice that upon reconfiguring from a sales order does not update the ecomtl nor the partmtl table. If I create a job from the order the updated mtls selected when reconfiguring appear.

Simmilart method to a quote if you reconfigure a quote on the line level the mtl doesn’t update only when you go to get details and prompt for reconfiguring does the actual mtl update on the eco and part mtl.

Anyone else experiencing the similar issues or has a resolution to this.

Hi Mihir,

I believe you need to run the Verify Existing Configurations process after reconfiguring. You can run it on a single configured part if desired & you will need to check the checkbox ‘Update Fields in Part Table’ or something to that effect.

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