Good Morning E10 Help!

Looking for some insight here on configurators. Couple of questions
Issue: I’m not getting a complete BOM with my current setup.

Does the order sequence of your method variables in the Configurator Rules matter or effect how a BOM is generated?

Currently, my method variables are listed in the same list order as my Configurator UD Method’s. The execute rules on each material is in our BOM sequence order (1-89). In our alpha version, we did not have a set BOM sequence, so the order of the method variables match the material bom sequence and the execute rules that are defined. As it stands right now, I am only getting 28 out of 89 parts on our BOM.

Any insight on how Epicor programmatically compiles each part of the configurator setup would be appreciated. Best practices, or anything.

Is the issue that you are not getting a full method after configuring it? Or is the issue that you are not getting the sequence of materials that you wish for?

I am not getting a full method.

Do you have method rules defined?

What i have done so far:

1 Created part revision in engineering workbench and assigned a configurator
2 Used DMT to upload on supporting data streams
3 Created all corresponding UD Methods to return parts from the dB tables
4 Setup everything in configurator entry, and designed a interview screen with 23 combo boxes.
5 Created method variables to assign my BOM of parts 1) part numbers and 2) quantities from what the UD method returns based on what is selected in the interview screen.
6 Assign configuration rules on each BOM material on how to execute.

I’m stuck on why my UD method is not outputting all materials for a complete BOM. The interview screen is functioning by the cbo’s calling a BAQ, then filtering by other configuration answers. My main question is if order sequence of your method variables matter in correlation to how the configurator execute rules order sequence. See attached screenshot. Does mtl10 need to be Heater? Or can the method variables be in any order?

Did you run the Test Configurator Rules to see if they are working correctly? Are you familiar with that testing functionality?

No I was not aware, but as soon as I ran it, I receive an error.

“Failed to generate the quote test data, please review the exception information provided… Unable to update QuoteMtl from PartNum: “PLH1” to empty value”

So I take it you found the test action? That is good.

Yes, this is good. Now trying to reverse engineer why I am passing a empty value. Have you ever received this error before?

Yes, I have received it. You are on the right track. Make sure you are actually setting it to something.

How is it going?

I had to step away for a meeting. Just about to jump back on configurator work. Give me an hour to make some headway. I’ll reach out soon. I appreciate the help.

Well, I have attempted to cross-reference all code and data, but I am just unsure why no value is passing. Inputs look good, method vars look good, ud methods are good. I’m lost. Do you remember what you had to do in order to fix this?

Josh, I am not sure what is happening I would have to see your code. We could do a webex or something.

Sure, I would be open to that idea

When would you be available for a webex?