Consolidate Sales Orders

I have 5 invoices all going to the same Bill To customer ID and they were all shipped on 4/1/2020.
“Consolidate Sales Orders” and “Combine Packing Slips” are both marked on the customer master.
When I get the shipments in invoice entry, it combines 4 of them and splits one out, but I cannot figure out why. Any ideas?

Same ShipTo?
Same Terms?

Mmm, interesting. 4 are NET 60 and one is NET 30.
That makes sense.

The ShipTo, however–why would that matter since they invoice goes to the BillTo, aside from the fact the ShipTo may carry different terms?

Just curious on the ShipTo side, but I’m guessing the Terms is your issue.


Thanks–that makes a lot of sense; didn’t think about terms.

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Interesting, have same issue with the Customer set to “Consolidate Sales Orders” and “Combine Packing Slips” and with four shipments all within Aug (14, 17 and 19) and it’s splitting into four invoices too.

Any other ideas?

Please check Ship-to customer tax liability, terms, Shipping plant.

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Good ideas, I checked and the Tax Liability of both ShipTo IDs matches the Customer setting. All shipments came from the same location and the terms on all three SO# and the generated invoices all matched.

Created a case with support last week got the canned KB article so rejected that and waiting to see if they can come up with something else.